Where coming home!

We are coming home at last! After 3 month of Indonesia it was really fun,funny,cool and sad.We just got off are first plane in Jakarta and we are now in Taipei.We need to wait 3 hours to get back to seattle.Back in Indonesia we had to drive a day early because it was a long drive to Jakarta.We stayed at a hotel named sheraton.It was really close to the airport.Can’t wait to see everyone!

The thief.

We went to church and when we came back we saw that are top windows were broken and the thief hide stuff everywhere.The storey took place at 8:05 and the theif took the landry room first because the doors to get in was open.The theif used a hammer to break in and climb into the rooms.He first climb in my grandma and granpas room but my grandpas room was not lock so he opened the door.Then the theif went into are room and checked everything out he got my moms camera and phone.But then are friend went to the house and he called the house and the theik panic and droped the camera with the phone on the floor.He climbed out the window and he hurried to open the cash box by useing a screwdriver.He then ran out by going the way he came in.We i came home we saw are friend and when we opened the gate and opened the door we saw everything.

Taman hutan raya ir. h djuanda.

Taman hutan was a national park.It was really cool.They had two caves you can go

in.The first one I went to was called goa jepang it was an old military cave.There were bats and the showed us this tunnel that leads us to the weapon place.Behind the stone is where the weapons are.We went out of the cave and walked to goa belanda the second cave we went to.The cave lead to the other side of mountain.This cave was made by people so you can get to the other side.I like this cave because it is so cold in there.It was really hot so we enjoyed the cool breeze.When we got to the other side we walked to the water fall.The water fall was so scary because the bridge was shaking!After that we walked back and we drove home.

Hotel and Kidszania.

I went to this hotel named Keraton it was a really cool.Kidzania was a really cool place to.When you get the ticket they also give you 50 dollars.Kidzania was a city and they had a lot of cool games.The first one I went on was police officer and we caught a really bad guy.The really cool one was getting a drivers license but I had to go to the doctor and get a Check up first and then I can get it and drive.But my favorite was the polet.You got to drive a plane.Soon you have to go to the store and buy stuff with your money.

Alas daun.

Alas daun is a restarunt a went to.The place was really cool.Some of the new foods I tried was shark.The weird part was the plates.The plates were bannan leafs. It was super hot in the restarunt since the restarunt did’nt have a door! Also I sat close to the grill and it was hot. After being in the heat I went into the car.

Wild safari.

The wild safari was good and fun.When we got in the animals can come to your car and you can take pictures of all the animals.The only animals that did not come out were lions,leopards,and cheetahs.The best part was the big river,your car had to go in the deep river with hippos.At the end we went on rides and fed elephants.

pictures coming soon.

Sports center

Me,my mom,my dad,my brother joseph,and my grandpa went to the sports center to play tennis.We had some balls that went out into a swimming pool and a ball that went to are car.It was really hot and it was impossible to play.My dad got some cold water to drink.After we played tennis we went over to the swimming pool it was big and the water was cold.We did’nt go swimming.But in Indonesia you can stay in the pool anytime you want.

Some fruits you don’t know.

This is dragon fruit its called that because it has scales like a dragon.

This is snake fruit it is called that because it has scales like a snake.

This is star fruit its called that because if you cut it its shape is like a star.

There are some fruits you don’t have or never seen around.The fruits you might not know are dragon fruit and snake fruit.The snake fruit is called that because the skin is like a snakes skin you can’t eat the skin you have to peel it of and eat the fruit inside.Heres a picture of a dragon fruit,snake fruit and star fruit.

Soccer field.

Joseph just got a new soccer ball.We played a little bit until my dad kicked the ball into some mud.Joseph got really mad.At the end we saw this frog that hid in the grass we found out the frog was sitting on another frog.Heres a picture.