Some fruits you don’t know.

This is dragon fruit its called that because it has scales like a dragon.

This is snake fruit it is called that because it has scales like a snake.

This is star fruit its called that because if you cut it its shape is like a star.

There are some fruits you don’t have or never seen around.The fruits you might not know are dragon fruit and snake fruit.The snake fruit is called that because the skin is like a snakes skin you can’t eat the skin you have to peel it of and eat the fruit inside.Heres a picture of a dragon fruit,snake fruit and star fruit.

4 thoughts on “Some fruits you don’t know.

  1. Hi Zachary…
    those fruits are looking delicious..and they are also healthy for you//
    snake fruit is one of my fave~
    Enjoy them while you’re in Indonesia

  2. Hi Zachary,it’s me Jackson,I tried the dragon friut and I didn’t really like it. It suprised me when my mom cut it open. I thought that the dragon fruit would have a green or pink inside, not a white and black inside. What other things have you been doing in idonesia? I learned some new math facts today, the facts are 1.5 X 4.5= 6.75, the square root of 144 and 121. We wrote letters to our parents and EWEB which stands for:

    In class we got to try a spinach smoothie and it was delicious! It had tons of fruit and three small handfulls of spinach in the spinach smoothie.

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