Where coming home!

We are coming home at last! After 3 month of Indonesia it was really fun,funny,cool and sad.We just got off are first plane in Jakarta and we are now in Taipei.We need to wait 3 hours to get back to seattle.Back in Indonesia we had to drive a day early because it was a long drive to Jakarta.We stayed at a hotel named sheraton.It was really close to the airport.Can’t wait to see everyone!

The thief.

We went to church and when we came back we saw that are top windows were broken and the thief hide stuff everywhere.The storey took place at 8:05 and the theif took the landry room first because the doors to get in was open.The theif used a hammer to break in and climb into the rooms.He first climb in my grandma and granpas room but my grandpas room was not lock so he opened the door.Then the theif went into are room and checked everything out he got my moms camera and phone.But then are friend went to the house and he called the house and the theik panic and droped the camera with the phone on the floor.He climbed out the window and he hurried to open the cash box by useing a screwdriver.He then ran out by going the way he came in.We i came home we saw are friend and when we opened the gate and opened the door we saw everything.

My birthday and flying fox.

My birthday was on friday and I wanted to go to Bandung tree top to do the flying fox.It was a long trip untill we reach Bandung tree top.We paid for parking and drove down untill we reached the other side of the park.The flying fox has curcits.The ones I did was orange circuit and blue circuit 1.Joseph did all the little kids curcits.Once I got set I went down to the flying fox.I also did some bridges and type ropes.Same like blue circuit.

My trip to bali for 12 days.

I went to Bali for 12 days the flight to get there was 1hour and 20 minutes.When we go there we took a bus to get to the airport.The ride was short.We got are suitcase and took a taxi to are hotel.The name of the hotel was benoa beach front villa.

Pandawa Beach Bali

We check in and we got are room and we checked the beach.We went back to are room when it suddenly started to rain.We watched tv and we went out to get something to eat.

The next day was awesome because we got free breakfast and we went to the beach but we went out to get sunscreen.When we got to the store we saw that the sunscreen cost to much.The sunscreen cost 159.900 rp ($15.90).So we didn’t get it.

We went back to the beach and we walked down till we found a good spot. We played all day until I came up where my parents are and I see some fisherman catching fish.They caught 4 fish when I saw lots and lots of crabs.

We took a tour on a glass bottom boat to Turtle Island

We got to pet turtles on Turtle Island

Soon we went back to are hotel and played at the pool there.The next day we got are stuff and put it in are suitcases and checked out.

The next hotel we went to was my favorite it was called The court yard Marriott.We checked in and we got are room.The room was cold and small and they had other hotel rooms in different areas.They also had a big pool in the center and free breakfast.

Me enjoying the pool

We went out to eat something.Then we went back to get ready for the beach.We gotto the lobby and we took a car to get to are private beach.The beach was shallow.We played all day until it was getting dark.

The next day was awesome.You got to have a buffet.Then went to the kids club.For free 3 hours.After the kids club we went to the beach and we go so far out.We got that far because the water was shallow.

We made the boat trip to Turtle Island!

Soon we headed back to eat dinner.The next day we ate breakfast and packet up.We check out and went to the next hotel.

The next hotel was named puri saron it was really long to get there.When we got there it was like a jungle.The room was an upstairs and downstairs.

We ate dinner and we got extra beds.Then ants started coming out of the walls and we had to call room service to take care of the ants.So we moved to a different room.The next morning we ate free breakfast and went swimming.

Then we checked the other room to see the ants.We moved back in and then more ants came and we moved back to the other room again.

The next day we packet up and we went back to the court yard marriott.We stayed there for 4 days but we never got to go swimming.

The last hotel that we went to was called villa puri ayu.The place was like a jungle but was at a town.The first day we checked in and went to the beach and played in the pool.We ate lunch and dinner and slept in are cool bed.

The next day we played in the pool with are new friend.We ate lunch and watch tv.Then are friend left and went out to eat dinner.The next day we packet up and went to the airport to fly back to Bandung.



Taman hutan raya ir. h djuanda.

Taman hutan was a national park.It was really cool.They had two caves you can go

in.The first one I went to was called goa jepang it was an old military cave.There were bats and the showed us this tunnel that leads us to the weapon place.Behind the stone is where the weapons are.We went out of the cave and walked to goa belanda the second cave we went to.The cave lead to the other side of mountain.This cave was made by people so you can get to the other side.I like this cave because it is so cold in there.It was really hot so we enjoyed the cool breeze.When we got to the other side we walked to the water fall.The water fall was so scary because the bridge was shaking!After that we walked back and we drove home.

Hotel and Kidszania.

I went to this hotel named Keraton it was a really cool.Kidzania was a really cool place to.When you get the ticket they also give you 50 dollars.Kidzania was a city and they had a lot of cool games.The first one I went on was police officer and we caught a really bad guy.The really cool one was getting a drivers license but I had to go to the doctor and get a Check up first and then I can get it and drive.But my favorite was the polet.You got to drive a plane.Soon you have to go to the store and buy stuff with your money.

Hot springs.

Joseph and me at Ciater Hot Spring.

I went to the Ciater Hot Springs it was really cool.They had water falls and really hot and warm water.All the water was heated by lava from a volcano.The first place in the hot springs I went to was this big pool with a small fountain in the middle the small fountain was the best part because the water was really hot.I did the hot water and I didn’t move because if I do the water will feel really hot.

The rest of the hot spring was water falls and you can swim in the pools and water falls.

Ciater Hot Spring has lots of waterfalls of steaming hot water.

My Dad and Me at the Ciater Hot Spring.

Alas daun.

Alas daun is a restarunt a went to.The place was really cool.Some of the new foods I tried was shark.The weird part was the plates.The plates were bannan leafs. It was super hot in the restarunt since the restarunt did’nt have a door! Also I sat close to the grill and it was hot. After being in the heat I went into the car.

Kampung Gajah

Selamat Datang di Kampung Gajah Wonderland

The entry to Kampung Gajah

Kampung Gajah
Kampung Gajah means elephant village.But I never went to a village it was an amusement park.It had really cool rides.The first one that I went on was these small ATV that you could ride on around this course.

Me on an ATV at Kampung Gajah

This is me driving an ATV at Kampung Gajah

Kampung Gajah Wonderland

My brother and I riding the ATV at Kampung Gajah

The second ride I went on was these big cars.My dad drove the car while I sat in the front and my brother sat in the back.We drove around 4 times!

The Buggy at Kampung Gajah

My Dad driving the cool buggy at Kampung Gajah

The third ride I went on was this futuristic train it was fun.

The fourth ride i went on was bumper boat.MY dad and my brother sat in one and me and some other guy sat and drove it.That was my favorite ride.

Bumper Boats at Kampung Gajah

My Dad and brother and I with the bumper boats having fun at Kampung Gajah

The park also had a big swimming pool.We saw a big funnel which i knew was the torando.When you get on you get on a boat and you go in slide and you reach the funnel and you get a little wet.But i never went on it because I didn’t bring my swimming suit.

The Tornado Water Ride at Kampung Gajah

We didn’t go on this but it looks like fun.

Driving a becak at Kampung Gajah

Here I am pedaling a becak at Kampung Gajah

Then it started to rain and we had to go home since all the rides were closed.