Where coming home!

We are coming home at last! After 3 month of Indonesia it was really fun,funny,cool and sad.We just got off are first plane in Jakarta and we are now in Taipei.We need to wait 3 hours to get back to seattle.Back in Indonesia we had to drive a day early because it was a long drive to Jakarta.We stayed at a hotel named sheraton.It was really close to the airport.Can’t wait to see everyone!

The thief.

We went to church and when we came back we saw that are top windows were broken and the thief hide stuff everywhere.The storey took place at 8:05 and the theif took the landry room first because the doors to get in was open.The theif used a hammer to break in and climb into the rooms.He first climb in my grandma and granpas room but my grandpas room was not lock so he opened the door.Then the theif went into are room and checked everything out he got my moms camera and phone.But then are friend went to the house and he called the house and the theik panic and droped the camera with the phone on the floor.He climbed out the window and he hurried to open the cash box by useing a screwdriver.He then ran out by going the way he came in.We i came home we saw are friend and when we opened the gate and opened the door we saw everything.

My birthday and flying fox.

My birthday was on friday and I wanted to go to Bandung tree top to do the flying fox.It was a long trip untill we reach Bandung tree top.We paid for parking and drove down untill we reached the other side of the park.The flying fox has curcits.The ones I did was orange circuit and blue circuit 1.Joseph did all the little kids curcits.Once I got set I went down to the flying fox.I also did some bridges and type ropes.Same like blue circuit.