Hotel and Kidszania.

I went to this hotel named Keraton it was a really cool.Kidzania was a really cool place to.When you get the ticket they also give you 50 dollars.Kidzania was a city and they had a lot of cool games.The first one I went on was police officer and we caught a really bad guy.The really cool one was getting a drivers license but I had to go to the doctor and get a Check up first and then I can get it and drive.But my favorite was the polet.You got to drive a plane.Soon you have to go to the store and buy stuff with your money.

Hot springs.

Joseph and me at Ciater Hot Spring.

I went to the Ciater Hot Springs it was really cool.They had water falls and really hot and warm water.All the water was heated by lava from a volcano.The first place in the hot springs I went to was this big pool with a small fountain in the middle the small fountain was the best part because the water was really hot.I did the hot water and I didn’t move because if I do the water will feel really hot.

The rest of the hot spring was water falls and you can swim in the pools and water falls.

Ciater Hot Spring has lots of waterfalls of steaming hot water.

My Dad and Me at the Ciater Hot Spring.

Alas daun.

Alas daun is a restarunt a went to.The place was really cool.Some of the new foods I tried was shark.The weird part was the plates.The plates were bannan leafs. It was super hot in the restarunt since the restarunt did’nt have a door! Also I sat close to the grill and it was hot. After being in the heat I went into the car.

Kampung Gajah

Selamat Datang di Kampung Gajah Wonderland

The entry to Kampung Gajah

Kampung Gajah
Kampung Gajah means elephant village.But I never went to a village it was an amusement park.It had really cool rides.The first one that I went on was these small ATV that you could ride on around this course.

Me on an ATV at Kampung Gajah

This is me driving an ATV at Kampung Gajah

Kampung Gajah Wonderland

My brother and I riding the ATV at Kampung Gajah

The second ride I went on was these big cars.My dad drove the car while I sat in the front and my brother sat in the back.We drove around 4 times!

The Buggy at Kampung Gajah

My Dad driving the cool buggy at Kampung Gajah

The third ride I went on was this futuristic train it was fun.

The fourth ride i went on was bumper boat.MY dad and my brother sat in one and me and some other guy sat and drove it.That was my favorite ride.

Bumper Boats at Kampung Gajah

My Dad and brother and I with the bumper boats having fun at Kampung Gajah

The park also had a big swimming pool.We saw a big funnel which i knew was the torando.When you get on you get on a boat and you go in slide and you reach the funnel and you get a little wet.But i never went on it because I didn’t bring my swimming suit.

The Tornado Water Ride at Kampung Gajah

We didn’t go on this but it looks like fun.

Driving a becak at Kampung Gajah

Here I am pedaling a becak at Kampung Gajah

Then it started to rain and we had to go home since all the rides were closed.