Sports center

Me,my mom,my dad,my brother joseph,and my grandpa went to the sports center to play tennis.We had some balls that went out into a swimming pool and a ball that went to are car.It was really hot and it was impossible to play.My dad got some cold water to drink.After we played tennis we went over to the swimming pool it was big and the water was cold.We did’nt go swimming.But in Indonesia you can stay in the pool anytime you want.

6 thoughts on “Sports center

  1. Hi Zachary,
    I like your pictures. I heard about the trip. I bet you’re having fun. I’d like to come and see you but you’re across the globe! We miss you. Have a safe flight back home. Everybody misses you. I will see you in three months which will be February.
    Your Friend, Tyler

  2. Hi Zach! We sure do miss you at church! Anthony and I are enjoying reading about your trip and seeing all of your pictures. Looks like you are having a great time. Can’t wait to hear more about our trip!

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