Wild safari.

The wild safari was good and fun.When we got in the animals can come to your car and you can take pictures of all the animals.The only animals that did not come out were lions,leopards,and cheetahs.The best part was the big river,your car had to go in the deep river with hippos.At the end we went on rides and fed elephants.

pictures coming soon.

3 thoughts on “Wild safari.

  1. That sounds so cool! Did you know we have a Wildlife Safari here in Oregon too? I don’t think it has hippos though and I know we don’t get to ride in a car in a river. Anyways, can’t wait to check out your pictures!

  2. Zach, you were very brave to cozy up to that tiger. How many people can say they’ve done that! And my that hippo had a big mouth with snaggly teeth! I’m enjoying all the blogs of your adventures.

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