The floods in Indonesia.

There are floods in Indonesia its cool to see them flow down hills.The thing that causes the floods is rain if it is pouring down hard it makes big floods.There’s a tunnel there and the water was 1 foot deep.

The wet season in Indonesia is called musim hujan.  Musim means season and hujan is rain.  You can see from this video that when it rains it rains a lot.

The streets in Indonesia.

The streets in Indonesia are very busy there are always crowed with cars and motorcycles.There are more motorcycles then cars on the streets.I don’t like to wait in the car while there is busy streets.I went to the mall in Indonesia and there were lots of motorcycles parked then cars.

The airport in Indonesia.

The airport was huge and it took really long to get out,I had to wait for my suitcase to come.Once I found my suitcase we had to find my grandparnets.we found them and we went to the bus staion.My mom decided to split up I went with my dad .I got a picture of this fountain at the airport.

On the plane.

The flight was in seattle and the drive was 6 hours to get there because I live in Eugene.I went to my grandpa’s house then I went to the airport at 8:30 and waited till 1:00 to get on the plane.I was not going straight to Indonesia I had to go to Taipei first then wait for a little bit then I got on the plane to Indonesia.