The floods in Indonesia.

There are floods in Indonesia its cool to see them flow down hills.The thing that causes the floods is rain if it is pouring down hard it makes big floods.There’s a tunnel there and the water was 1 foot deep.

The wet season in Indonesia is called musim hujan.  Musim means season and hujan is rain.  You can see from this video that when it rains it rains a lot.

7 thoughts on “The floods in Indonesia.

  1. Zach, looks just like Eugene right now….we’ve had heavy rain last night and today along with high winds. Many streets are really flooded. It was interesting driving home from town this evening. I could have used a boat!
    From the video (did you make that?) I see that in Indonesia people drive on the left side of the road and cars have their steering wheels on the right side…just like in England. I’m really enjoying your posts!

  2. hi zach. I’m lianess, your mom’s friend. did you take the video along jalan sukajadi? yes… here in indonesia flood always come along with heavy rain and could happen in any season. enjoy your holiday 😀

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